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Anyone can tear down a barn…

Sarah Palin just doesn’t get it.

After being crushed as the GOP Vice-Presidential candidate in 2008, (a result brought on in part by having her on the ticket) Sarah Palin has continued to be in the news. With book deals, tea party appearances, Fox News commentating, and venomous twitter feeds, she has been able to keep her hopes of running again in 2012 as President on the table.

And Sarah Palin has every right to feel excited about that. With every Tea Party appearance, you would think that Palin has become a political rock star. Thousands of people have shown their support for her, giving her the idea that a run for the White House might still be in the cards.

However, I think it would be wise for Ms. Palin to take a step back and join the rest of us back in the land of reality. There are significant reasons why she will not win a bid for the White house.

First of all, she quit her job as Governor of Alaska. One could possibly understand this if she had been offered a better job in government, say as an ambassador or member of cabinet. Instead, she left the job to promote a book and become a Fox News commentator. How does she expect American voters to get her to the White House, when she couldn’t even bother to keep the job she already had as Governor. If things get difficult as President of the United States, will she resign then too? Obviously not, but it is a question that voters will be asking themselves.

Secondly, she believes she has a chance because of the strong support from Republicans and the tea party movement. What she seems to fail to recognize is that she is a divisive person in American politics. She has been great at shoring up support from the Republican base, but has done little more than that. She need not worry about the republican base because they would vote for her anyways. But by locking in that support she alienates moderate republicans and all democrats.

Palin also needs to be concerned about the Tea Party. The very thing that has helped propel her into the media after the election may just bring her defeat. The Republican party was in love with the Tea Party Movement when it first started. And why wouldn’t they? The movement is a grassroots effort to support Republican values and policies.

That was until the Tea Party started supporting their own candidates in GOP primaries. They no longer sang the party tune, and this has already proven to be upsetting many Republican leaders. If the Tea party movement continues to grow to the point where the GOP leadership can no longer control them, then they will make every effort to destroy them. If this happens, you can be sure they will also destroy the biggest personality in the Tea party movement: Sarah Palin.

Lastly, she has yet to substantively contribute to the policy debate on almost every issue. She has made it clear that she is excellent at judging people’s character, and bad mouthing democrats and their ideas. That much she has mastered since her VP run for the White House. Review every twitter feed posted and every public address spoken. Sarah Palin makes it clear that she will tear down any Democrat for trying to contribute to the policy debate, but will not make a contribution herself.

Tipp O’Neill, former Speaker for the House of Representatives, once said that any idiot can tear down a barn. What he meant was that anyone can destroy a politician for their ideas and initiatives, for their service and beliefs, but it takes a skilled individual to bring their own ideas to the table. These ideas that would make their country greater, and its people better for it.

When it comes down to it, Sarah Palin will not be President because she has no ideas for making her country greater. She thinks its enough to simply criticise the opposition. Ironically, most democrats would love to run against her in 2012 because it would most likely translate into another 4 years of an Obama White House.

If Palin can learn to build a barn after she destroys it, then maybe her chances are better. But I won’t be holding my breath.


About Greg Markey

Greg is a social media and digital marketing consultant who loves writing about business, technology, innovation and startups. He holds a degree in political science and history from St. Francis Xavier University, as well as a diploma in Journalism from Algonquin College. He lives in Edmonton with his wife and three kids..


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